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Sempervivum Blade of Steel

Sempervivum Blade of Steel£3.00

An unusual metalic appearance.

Sempervivum Britta

Sempervivum Britta£3.00

Olive green rosette centres with yellow/orange colours.

Sempervivum bronco

Sempervivum bronco£3.00

Evergreen rosettes of pointed green leaves tipped with dark red.

Sempervivum Brown Owl

Sempervivum Brown Owl£3.00

Green leaves with lovely brown tips.

Sempervivum Burning Desire

Sempervivum Burning Desire£3.00

Dark purple-plum rosettes with a red centre.

Sempervivum Calcareum

Sempervivum Calcareum£3.00

House leek with green concentric rosettes with deep red tips.

Sempervivum calcareum 'guillaumes'

Sempervivum calcareum 'guillaumes'£3.00

The rosettes are about an inch in diameter, green leaves with dark red tips.

Sempervivum chrysanthum

Sempervivum chrysanthum£3.00

Has great markings for a sunny dry position.

Sempervivum cream tea

Sempervivum cream tea£3.00

A great combination of colours,aptly named.

Sempervivum dippy dame

Sempervivum dippy dame£3.00

Great hybrid, love the name as the colour changes constantly.

Sempervivum Ginger Nut

Sempervivum Ginger Nut£3.00

Great name, great plant. Ginger orange in the summer.

Sempervivum Happy Birthday

Sempervivum Happy Birthday£3.00

Dark red/purple rosettes in spring with a white cobwebbing.

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Page 4 of 6:    68 Items