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Agave angustifolia marginata

Agave angustifolia marginata£7.50

A small agave with cream edged leaves.

Agave americana

Agave americana£5.00

The century plant or American aloe.A large agave tough and easy to grow.

Agave americana variegata

Agave americana variegata£5.00

Variegated century plant.Up to 1.5m high.Tough plant.

Agave Celsii

Agave Celsii£5.00

Beautiful blue-green agave from Mexico growing up to 60cm. in diameter.

Agave filifera

Agave filifera£5.00

Thread leaf agave up to 3ft.across and 2ft. tall fully grown.

Agave Havardiana

Agave Havardiana£5.00

A medium to large sized agave with grey-green leaves becoming silver-grey with age.

Agave macrocantha

Agave macrocantha£5.00

Has narrow blue-grey leaves with the dark spine.

Agave Parrasana

Agave Parrasana£5.00

Pale blue-grey in colour. Eventually reaching 2ft. high and wide.

Agave parryi

Agave parryi£5.00

A medium-sized agave and one of the most hardy.

Agave Potatorum

Agave Potatorum£5.00

A beautiful small agave forming a neat rosette.

Agave Victoria Regina

Agave Victoria Regina£5.00

Stunning plant that is slow growing dense rosette height 20cm.

Agave lobhantha quadricolor

Agave lobhantha quadricolor

A very attractive small agave with four leaf colours.We grow it in part shade.Available for sale at shows only at present.

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