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Aeonium velour

Aeonium velour£5.00

A lovely free branching habit.

Lampranthus white

Lampranthus white£3.00

Grey-green foliage,white flowers with a tinge of pink.

Portulaca orange

Portulaca orange£3.00

Trailing with 2inch orange flowers.


Portulaca white£3.00

Trailer with white flowers all summer.

Crassula ovatus Hummel's Sunset

Crassula ovatus Hummel's Sunset£3.00

The golden money plant.An excellent house plant.

Crassula ovatus minor

Crassula ovatus minor£3.50

Dwarf money tree.

Crassula rupestre

Crassula rupestre£3.50

A very cute bushy succulent.

Sempervivum arachnoideum minor

Sempervivum arachnoideum minor£3.00

Small rosettes with inside cob-webbing.

Sempervivum bronco

Sempervivum bronco£3.00

Evergreen rosettes of pointed green leaves tipped with dark red.

Sempervivum chrysanthum

Sempervivum chrysanthum£3.00

Has great markings for a sunny dry position.

Sempervivum jubilee tricolor

Sempervivum jubilee tricolor£3.00

Pale green rosettes becoming red and yellow in spring.

Sempervivum maia

Sempervivum maia£3.00

Mat forming rosettes with an attractive pattern.

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Page 1 of 2:    18 Items