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Sedum Palmeri

Sedum Palmeri£5.00

Unusual and attractive Mexican sedum.

Sedum burrito

Sedum burrito£4.00

Donkey's tail.A trailing succulent with trailing stems up to 1m.long.

Sedum stahlii

Sedum stahlii£4.00

Small Mexican sedum an easy house plant.

Sedum rubrotinctum

Sedum rubrotinctum£3.50

Jelly Bean Plant.A great house plant.Please note it will drop 'beans' in the post so just leave them on the surface to eventually grow into more.

Sedum Acre Aureum

Sedum Acre Aureum£3.00

Mat forming evergreen with green foliage in winter/spring, yellow in summer and autumn.

Sedum Album Coral Carpet

Sedum Album Coral Carpet£3.00

A fast growing evergreen groundcover.

Sedum Bertram Anderson

Sedum Bertram Anderson£3.00

Carpeting herbaceous succulent with green leaves turning purple with stems ending in clusters of red flowers late summer.

Sedum Blue Carpet

Sedum Blue Carpet£3.00

Hardy and drought tolerant stonecrop with blue foliage creeping across the ground.

Sedum Cauticola Coca Cola

Sedum Cauticola Coca Cola£3.00

Perennial plants with blue-grey foliage and pink-red flowers late summer.

Sedum Hakonense Chocolate Ball

Sedum Hakonense Chocolate Ball£3.00

Chocolate coloured ground covering succulent, better in full sun with free-draining soil.

Sedum Kamschaticum Variegatum

Sedum Kamschaticum Variegatum£3.00

Semi-evergreen clump forming perennial, with creamy white margined leaves and yellow clusters of flowers in the summer.

Sedum Makinoi

Sedum Makinoi£3.00

Japanese perennial better in part shade than full sun.

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Page 1 of 2:    19 Items