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Delosperma 'Beaufort West'

Delosperma 'Beaufort West'£4.00

Mat forming with pink flowers.

Delosperma brittenae

Delosperma brittenae£4.00

Attractive plant with lampranthus like leaves and a pretty flower.

Delosperma Sphalmanthoides

Delosperma Sphalmanthoides£3.50

Tufted ice plant. Blue-green succulent with magenta flowers in summer.

Delosperma aberdeenense

Delosperma aberdeenense£3.00

A evergreen spreading succulent with reddish-purple flowers.

Delosperma Congestum

Delosperma Congestum£3.00

Yellow ice plant. Forms a green carpet with yellow flowers in summer.

Delosperma Congestum Album

Delosperma Congestum Album£3.00

Forms a creeping mat with white flowers in summer.

Delosperma Cooperi

Delosperma Cooperi£3.00

Good ground coverer with red-purple daisy-like flowers. Height to 6ins. and 2-4ft wide.

Delosperma Floribundum Starburst

Delosperma Floribundum Starburst£3.00

Lilac-purple with white centre flowers. Good ground cover for a sunny spot in a dry soil.

Delosperma nubigenum

Delosperma nubigenum£3.00

Tough spreading evergreen with lemon yellow flowers in late spring.

Delosperma Sutherlandii Peach Star

Delosperma Sutherlandii Peach Star£3.00

Peach Star. Hardy ice plant. Peachy-pink flowers from May-September.


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