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Sempervivum Heyling

Sempervivum Heyling£3.00

Great coloured house leek with red concentric rosettes tipped green.

Sempervivum hula girl

Sempervivum hula girl£3.00

Gorgeous dark red tipped green rosettes.

Sempervivum Jovibarba Allonii

Sempervivum Jovibarba Allonii£3.00

Small bright golden-green rosettes.

Sempervivum jubilee tricolor

Sempervivum jubilee tricolor£3.00

Pale green rosettes becoming red and yellow in spring.

Sempervivum Lemon Babies

Sempervivum Lemon Babies£3.00

Small yellow/lime green rosettes.

Sempervivum Limelight

Sempervivum Limelight£3.00

Lovely bright lime-green colour.

Sempervivum maia

Sempervivum maia£3.00

Mat forming rosettes with an attractive pattern.

Sempervivum Mona Lisa

Sempervivum Mona Lisa£3.00

Fine webbing on numerous small rosettes.

Sempervivum Mulberry Wine

Sempervivum Mulberry Wine£3.00

Large silver-green rosette with plum splashing.

Sempervivum Pink Globe

Sempervivum Pink Globe£3.00

Green rosettes with a pink edging in summer.

Sempervivum Plum Frosting

Sempervivum Plum Frosting£3.00

Best plum colour in spring.

Sempervivum rhubarb crumble

Sempervivum rhubarb crumble£3.00

Couldn't resist its name, tasty looking plant.

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Page 5 of 6:    68 Items