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Sedum Rupestre Angelina

Sedum Rupestre Angelina£3.00

Evergreen groundcover forming a trailing mat. The golden-yellow leaves have clusters of yellow starry flowers in summer.

Sedum Sediforme

Sedum Sediforme£3.00

A tough evergreen with a vibrant golden foliage in summer turning a rusty colour in autumn.

Sedum Spathulifolium Cape Blanco

Sedum Spathulifolium Cape Blanco£3.00

Powder bluish evergreen foliage with yellow flowers mid-summer.

Sedum Spathulifolium Purpurea

Sedum Spathulifolium Purpurea£3.00

Hardy, purple spoon-leaved stonecrop. A mat forming evergreen perennial up to 10cm. high.

Sedum Spurium Dragons Blood

Sedum Spurium Dragons Blood£3.00

A fast-growing ground cover with red leaves turning dark green then red in autumn. Pink clusters of flowers in summer.

Sedum Spurium Variegatum

Sedum Spurium Variegatum£3.00

Cream and red variegated foliage with pink flowers.

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