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Aeonium Blushing Beauty

Aeonium Blushing Beauty£5.00

Beautiful form with green leaves and red edges. Produces multiple rosettes on short stems great in terracotta pots.

Aeonium Simply Misty

Aeonium Simply Misty£5.00

Our own cultivar only available from us. Great in containers with a grey misty sheen to the rosettes

Aeonium Simply Scarlet

Aeonium Simply Scarlet£5.00

Our own cultivar, with a red sheen to the rosettes (turning lighter in the winter). Great in a pot.

Aeonium tabuliforme

Aeonium tabuliforme£5.00

Dinner plate plant. Flat rosette to 60cm. Yellow flowers in a raceme after a few years.

Aeonium Voodoo

Aeonium Voodoo£5.00

Forms large rosettes with red/purple leaves with green centres.

Echeveria Nodulosa V Nicholas Bravo

Echeveria Nodulosa V Nicholas Bravo£5.00

Bit different this one, always popular. Put in a pot with light-coloured gravel around in free-draining compost.

Aloinopsis Rosulata

Aloinopsis Rosulata£4.00

Pinkish brown flowers with a darker mid-stripe. Compact plant 2ins high

Echeveria Agavoides 'Red Edge'

Echeveria Agavoides 'Red Edge'£4.00

Red Edge or Lipstick. Great form with red edges to leaves if grown in sunny position.

Crassula Perforata

Crassula Perforata£3.50

A 'stacked' crassula with greyish leaves having a red edge. Height to 18ins.

Echeveria Pulidonis

Echeveria Pulidonis£3.50

Spoon-shaped fleshy blue leaves with red margins. Summer flowering with yellow bell-shaped flowers.

Faucaria Tuberculosa

Faucaria Tuberculosa£3.50

Great looking succulent with thick triangular leaves and yellow flowers.

Aeonium Arboreum Schwarzkopf

Aeonium Arboreum Schwarzkopf£3.00

Evergreen aeonium with dark purple rosettes of leaves that turn lighter to green in the winter. Tender, great in a pot.

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Page 1 of 8:    94 Items